14, Hakdong-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL 02.540.0415 FAX 02.544.1244 E-MAIL Sales@younhyun.com

What is your name?

  • (荺) From the form of how green sprouts, this letter stands for the young green.
  • (呟) A letter developed from the shape of a human’s mouth. The sound making from one’s mouth.
  • (商) Business, commerce, trade.
  • (材) Material.

Brand Concept

A brand cannot be created in a day.
It is almost like an organism, that needs to be loved
and cared for all times. Human emotion is probably
the one thing that does not change in this world of mobilities.
No matter how AI improves itself, human feeling, emotion,
and sensation can only be attained when our point of view conveys
“human-scale”. Efforts to maintain Younhyun’s sensitivity is projected
in various stories on our customers with “art and design”
through numerous plans. Younhyun’s story of weaving space
and people into one is the “place that one wants to dwell in”.
We hope our products can tell those stories to you.

Material Research

Brand Concept : It’s not all about tile
Younhyun does not only talk about tiles,
but we converse and share stories on materiality.
we are not the one who only provides the tiles as materials,
but as art and design that communicates with our clients
to further expand our story.

Investigation on materiality is fundamental in modern architecture.
Younhyun’s spaces are filled with trajectories and
traces of our experiments and attempts to challenge conventions.

We hope our space itself can hold our philosophy,
and share such stories on architecture.


Mutual cooperation with Artists and Brands
Since the product that we provide to the market is “tiles”,
our main clientele include Designers, architects,
and regular customers who are planning to renovate their homes.
We have collaborated with other brands and artists so that our clients
can find something more from Younhyun
than what we have been providing in the past.

These collaborations will become an Opportunity for us
to see the needs and wants of our clients, and distinguish
Younhyun from many other tile companies.

Younhyun will persist in maintaining “human-scale”
and will behold our originality.
Collaboration is the best method to express diversity
and values whilst keeping our optimal size.

We curate with our own color, just as they will.

Design Playground

Dwelling place
Younhyun’s space is diverse at each level,
And each level tells its own story, when walking around our building,
your walk progresses towards becoming your very own novel.

This building is not just a commercial space,
we hope this space Can serve as more than just a place where tiles are sold,
and that your stay can be more meaningful.

For a space to stay relevant, we constantly exert ourselves to plan
and provide the reason for your stay.

“I plan, therefore I am” - Intellectual Capitalism by Masuda Muneaki

We hope Younhyun becomes the “design playground”
for all the curious art and design lovers of our time.