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What is your story?

From tiles, to construction material, Younhyun is developing cultural contents revolving around Art and Architecture. Space B-E is Younhyun’s central Creative Studio where it steers the entire Younhyun branding storyline. Please listen to our brand story that we have been building.


Be in business for more than twenty years.
Younhyun highly values our originality
and accumulates the temporal
buildups upon the sturdy foundation.

Space B-E

B-E is an acronym for “becoming.”
In philosophy, becoming is a verb that stands
for when an object transforms into a different state.
Deciphering stereotypes and lifting limits of all kinds,
this space is the vessel for creation in all forms.

Younhyun Hands

Younhyun Hands is an acronym for
YOUNHYUN Handmade Store.
This space is made so that we can show our love
and Respect for the things that are handcrafted
with artistries.

Younhyun Treasure House

<Younhyun Treasure House> is an interior brand market
Created by Space B-E from 2016,
and we aim to create a business ecology of
Creating Shared Values through collaborations and
cooperations with other brands and manufacturers
beyond the tile, construction material,
and architecture field.

Material Shop

Investigating and Understanding material is
the principal for Younhyun, and our attitude
to further comprehend architecture and design.
We can expand our senses through
reconfiguring materiality. It is Younhyun’s next vision
to show our collection of various materials.